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Style with a Metropolitan Soul 


In 1955, SWANK expanded the breadth and depth of fashion in Hong Kong with the city's first multi-brand luxury clothing store that stood to imbue the lives of astute men and women with style. 

Led and operated by people who understand and embrace fashion, SWANK led the evolution of Hong Kong's luxury fashion with an inspiring edit of powerhouse classics as well as contemporary tastemakers. The constant introduction of new-era fashion pioneers is also why discerning men and women love coming back to SWANK for unique, sophisticated and creative wear.

Behind its dazzling façade; SWANK stands to provide an experience choreographed for customers to explore what they love, experiment with what they can be, and to find resonance in our curation of cream-of-the-crop designers and fashion houses.

Under the current leadership of ENM Holdings Limited, today's SWANK lives up to the founding spirit of gracing contemporary wardrobes and continues to dress and inspire a prestigious clientele at two multi-brand maisons.