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Agnona | The Harmony of Equilibrium

Agnona | The Harmony of Equilibrium

For Fall/Winter 2023, Agnona considers the rules and forces that converge to define the essence of equilibrium. Seeking to unearth the poetry that lies within chaos and simplify complexity, Agnona interrogates the fragile and precious balance underpinning the existence of modern-day society and the natural world.



Through the prism of existentialism, eco-systems are studied, behaviours are examined, and disguises are exposed. Unnecessary layers and complications are discarded to achieve a purity of thought and form that both empower and protect against the unpredictable. Only in this realm can an honest equilibrium thrive as reality as we come to depend on ourselves and each other in our shared cosmos.



Agnona Fall/Winter 2023 Collection is now available at SWANK Central Building store



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