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Altuzarra | New Chapter Of 'Spontaneity and realism'

Altuzarra | New Chapter Of 'Spontaneity and realism'

Altuzarra’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection explores the spontaneity and realism of personal styles. Breaking away from the last four seasons, which focused on imagination and myth, this season represents a new chapter for the brand. Inspired by ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, the timeless horror masterpiece by Roman Polanski and a precursor to the New Wave Movement in American film, the collection exudes a haunting, enigmatic allure,
while anchored in everyday style and pragmatism. 

Joseph Altuzarra takes traditional materials and silhouettes and, through careful manipulations, subtly infuses them with suspense, unexpected details, and psychological intrigue. A study in modern femininity, the collection embodies undone elegance while revealing the dark underpinnings of bourgeois life.

Familiar and enduring Altuzarra signatures-slip dresses, pencil skirts, and matching sets – are transformed by crinkled satin, transparent organza,
and undone seams. Polka dots are blown up and scattered unevenly onto satin, while sheer gingham appears as thin and delicate as tissue paper.
Some fabrics are intentionally drained of color; yarn-dyed denim, bleached and stripped of pigment, is then shibori-dyed over by hand.
A muted palette of barely-there pinks, soft greys, and shades of white is accentuated by psychedelic pops of
primary reds, yellows, and blues. These inky colorscapes call to mind damaged film.


Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is now available at SWANK Central Building.




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