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Feng Chen Wang Turns Lucid Nightmares to Muse

Feng Chen Wang Turns Lucid Nightmares to Muse

A hyper-real sprawling forest thronged with a community of fabled creatures swirling freely around each other, interchanging their positions ceaselessly yet inseparably.


The Burning Runway

This landscape ever more heightened by the dramatic runway scene where models emerged on water yet appeared to be walking on fire, a blurring of opposites that shouldn’t but do, co-exist harmoniously together. This was the perfect fusion of the yin and the yang. The Chinese mythological bird, the phoenix (fenghuang), kept re-emerging in both its male (yang) and female (yin) forms in a myriad of lively shades swirling on knits, denim and second-skin bodywear. This new signature fenghuang print forms a reminder of the breaking down of gender binary, of structures holding us back, of being able to break free.

Structural tailoring is elevated, bold, forward, marrying smart and casual wear bringing together all the hallmarks of Wang’s future-modern aesthetic and her signature deconstructed, multi-dimensional sportswear are updated this season through textile or color explorations. Punctuated throughout the collection are fresh, positive pieces in lemongrass green, acid and buttercup yellow, aqua and lapis blue, a clear sign that not all dreams end up as nightmares. Especially not when they are all so vivid in character and personality, no matter the form.


White and Blue Two Tone Trench Coat

This two tone trench coat perfectly expresses the "Yin Yang" philosophy with having one transparent side and solid fabric in another side.


White and Blue Two Tone Military Shirt

If you are not a big fan of wearing longsleeve in spring/summer, this two tone military shirt is the perfect statement piece for you in this collection.


White and Pink Marble Print Shirt

This shortsleeve shirt in white and faded pink marble print deserves attention with its oversized silhouette and deconstructed style. 


White and Pink Marble Print Blazer

This blazer shows what's structural tailoring with the Wang's future-modern aesthetic and her signature deconstructed.


Black and Stripe Shirt Hoodie

An interesting approach to a classic hoodie with having a shirt at the bottom half. It is unique and a stylish statement piece to wear around the town. 


White and Pink Panel Hoodie

The Hoodie with hybrid deconstructed design can pair with any pants and you are good to go.






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